Trusted & Secure Identity Verification

Privacy focused technology with full user control

User Privacy

Based on what you authorise, not who you are

Audit Trail

With verifiable contacts if an ID is ever compromised

Advanced Security

Personal details are not revealed, removing any risk


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Simpler Business

Marq.Me's service reduces the number of times you fill in forms online and offline by standardising information about you and giving you the control over with whom you share it. You can conduct business more quickly, apply for products and services more quickly and businesses can spend less time creating custom forms for their sites and worrying about data collection regulations.

Data Accuracy

By reducing the number of places that have copies of your data, and linking to people who are authorities, such as your local council for housing/addressing information, when you move house, you don't need to update every business you're connected with the new address. You just need to update your address in one place, and all connected businesses can be notified on your behalf, keeping their records up to date and taking the burden off you to maintain those details.

Privacy First

Marq.Me's combination of encrypted data and open APIs allows for both connecting to authorities who hold archives of data, such as housing records, or to businesses with custom application or experiences people can take part in or for storing your data securely in our system and then granting access on-demand as you determine is appropriate. We encourage you to share the least amount of information as possible to use the service or purchase the product you're interested in.

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