Benefits of

Simpler Business

Marq.Me's service reduces the number of times you fill in forms online and offline by standardising information about you and giving you the control over with whom you share it. You can conduct business more quickly, apply for products and services more quickly and businesses can spend less time creating custom forms for their sites and worrying about data collection regulations.

Data Accuracy

By reducing the number of places that have copies of your data, and linking to people who are authorities, such as your local council for housing/addressing information, when you move house, you don't need to update every business you're connected with the new address. You just need to update your address in one place, and all connected businesses can be notified on your behalf, keeping their records up to date and taking the burden off you to maintain those details.

Privacy First

Marq.Me's combination of encrypted data and open APIs allows for both connecting to authorities who hold archives of data, such as housing records, or to businesses with custom applications or experiences people can take part in or for storing your data securely in our system and then granting access on-demand as you determine is appropriate. We encourage you to share the least amount of information as possible to use the service or purchase the product you're interested in.

Simplifying Communication & Reducing Spam

When you share your phone number, you give away information that can be sold and passed to companies to market products to you. When you enter an email, some companies sell this information or include you in marketing emails you didn't ask for. While it's possible to block numbers or email addresses to some degree on most devices or services, it's not possible to undo that sharing of information. White-listing isn't always available or desirable. PGP hasn't yet taken off for email communications. There's very little momentum to deal with these intrusions from a government angle. Marq.Me helps to tackle this problem by giving you a way to connect to someone else, to a business or other entity, without sharing any personal information, any contact information or any other information other than the username or name by which you would like to be known for that connection. We encourage you to set up profiles that share only the barest minimum information required to connect and do business or connect socially with other people. To make this service more effective, we're offering video streaming, video uploading, voice streaming, audio upload, text messaging (not sms) and file sharing securely between you and any other business and individual without needing anything other than good broadband facilities (check your rates before you get charged a lot for your data usage) and a smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android (coming soon)).

There are many other benefits, but we'll be padding out these pages as we get through the prototyping builds! Our team is currently working hard to complete the first round of testing with our selected partners and test groups.