Use of Cookies

This website stores cookies on our visitor's computers. The cookies that are stored are explained in detail below. To learn about cookies, visit

There are two types of cookies used on this website:

  • First Party Cookies
  • and Third Party Cookies

First Party Cookies

First party cookies are created by the website you're visiting. This website uses many subdomains, such as to represent different hosted accounts on our website. Each website, including our main websites ( and, does not store any personal or sensitive information in the cookies and cannot be used to personally identify you to us.

These cookies are temporary and are necessary. They hold Session IDs and the cookies are called PHPSESSID. They hold a unique identifier to help us differentiate between your requests and the requests of other visitors on the site.

These can be deleted at any time but will be required to make the website function correctly when you interact with your account, forms or other interactive elements of the website.

Third Party Cookies

You may be served third party cookies from Google Maps if you visit our geographical content pages. These cookies will only be served if you have agreed to accept these cookies for the time that you're on the page/s.

In order for us to remember your settings about whether you would like or would not like to receive the cookies that Google Maps uses, we actually have to set a cookie on your machine, as odd as that sounds. However, we do not agree with setting cookies unnecessarily, so we will not be remembering your settings unless you log into your account. If you log into your account we can store your preference in our database and not have to use a cookie to store it.

We will, therefore, ask you every time you visit our Google Maps page as a visitor if you wish to accept Google Maps cookies for the period of time that you're viewing it.

Since third party cookies are created by external websites when you visit page on our website, they are specific to the third-party's website so information captured and stored in them is visible to the third party and not by us. The third party can manipulate the information they store, but we will not be party to that interaction. Our controls only permit us to include or exclude the third party resources on our website based on your preference for allowing or disallowing the thirt-party service.

We have no control over the third party cookies themselves

Google Maps may set four cookies:

  • khcookie
  • NID
  • SNID
  • PREF

Google Maps is used because it helps to visualise the geolocation elements to messages posted by our members. Google's privacy policy can be found here: and its terms of service for Google Maps are here: We are operating under the premise that they follow their privacy policies and terms of service, however, we can't guarantee it.

You are not required to use the Google Maps solution and do not need to accept their cookies to use our website.

Changes to current use

We may implement other third party services over time. These may also store cookies. If we do, we will list those services below and outline their service above in teh section for Third Party Cookies

There are currently no other Third Parties used.