Exhibiting at the Business Show at Olympia in November was enlightening on many levels. We gave a talk that was well-attended and showed that privacy and security are hot topics that people have strong concerns about.

Our focus for the talk was on relying on social media to drive your business, but the interest in our platform was so wide that we found ourselves busy throughout both days discussing different situations and scenarios with people from all manner of backgrounds with widely ranging concerns and interests.

We were asked, frequently, how our solution could apply in many more ways than we'd listed at the show, so we have prioritised putting together this scenarios page to help people identify with the platform and help us understand how to service those needs most effectively.

If you have a business situation or scenario you'd like us to explore, please contact us and outline your situation. We aim to reply to all genuine requests (we won't reply to spam, for obvious reasons!) within 3 business days.